Season 1 Winners


Best Narrative Feature

“Do Not Disturb”

Directed by Eric Balfour, Petro Papahadjopoulos, Laura Henry, Jon Mann-Krieger and Brandon Nicholas

Best Narrative Short

“Woke Up Crying” Direct by John Ibsen

Best Documentary Feature

“Spinners” Directed by Scott Barker

Best Documentary Short

“Bike-U-Mentary” Directed by Brent Pantell

Best Animation

“Good Bot, Bad Bot” Directed by Marcus Ng and Nick Matthews

Best Student Film

“Loved” Directed by Jennifer Li

Best Experimental

“Rufur” Direced by Emillie Richard-Froozan

Best Music Video

“Corrupted Scene Behind The Stage” Directed by Ivan Mena Tinoco

Best Script (Drama)

“Halfway Home” by David Schroeder

Best Script (Comedy)

“The Big Idea” by David Schroeder

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“Spotnik by Celeste Chan Wolfe

Best Script (Animation)

“The Helping Stone” by Robert Tolz

Best Script (Horror)

“Sable” by Alexandrea Rowell

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“Heaven Sent” by John Leary and Alison McMahan

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“Cockpit” by Jesse Griffith

Best Script (Student)

“Mom, A Pill, And I” by Ye Joo Kim

Honorable Mention

Narrative Feature

“Dancing On A Dry Salt Lake” Directed by Dominique De Fazio

“POE” Directed by Francis Xavier

“Up and Down” Directed by Jonathan Carbonaro

“Whiskey Blue” Directed by Jeffrey Grellman

“The SafeHouse” Directed by William Morroni

“Orange Grove” Directed by Junior Eduardo Ruiz

“Boston Psychiatric” Directed by J. Brian Turk

“Hollywood Mouth” Directed by Jordan Mohr

“The Last Muscketeer” Directed by Art Zapata and Emre Korkmaz

“The Right To Bear Arms” Directed by Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.

“Driver’s Ed Mutiny” Directed by Brad Hansen

“Vixen” Directed by Peter Beary

Narrative Short

“Death By Fungus” Directed by Ricky Lloyd George

“Recollection” Directed by Frederico D’Alessandro

“Cockpit: The Rule Of Engagement” Directed by Jesse Griffith

“The Desperate” Directed by Ben Hur Sepehr

“The Motel” Directed by Daniel Schanler

“After The Riots” Directed by Jacob Postmus

“Pleasures” Directed by Lillian Ng

“Proud Mary” Directed by Dylan Kelley

“April” Directed by Mike Piccirillo

“It’s Not About Coffee” Directed by Thomas Morris

“Quarters” Directed by Drew Mylrea

“Salt And Silicone” Directed by Warren Pereira

“One Day” Directed by Thomas Leisten Schneider

“Haunt” Directed by Kevin Doherty

“The 54” Directed by Phillip Hering

Documentary Feature

“Where The Streets Have No Name” Directed by Vijakumar Mirchandani

“The Ultimate betrayal: A Survivor’s Journey” Directed by Donna Roman Hernandez

“Katrina Cop IN The Superdome” Directed by Pual Lisy

“Beyond The Wall” Directed by Rob Dennis

“Galileo and The Last Mission To Hubble” by Lance Englund


“1001 Nights-Episode 5- Hunchbak’s Tale/Agrabroka”

Directed by Shabnam Rezaei

Student Film

“Good Bot, Bad Bot” Directed by Marcus Ng and Nick Matthews

“Unfaithfully Yours” Directed by Chaya Supannarat

“Shortcomings” Directed by Andrew Reisfeld

“Rondo” Directed by Ellie Hsu

“Writer’s Block” Directed by Peter Catania

“A Cowboy Never Dies” Directed by Henry Kaplan

“One For Sorrow” Directed by Linda Brieda

“Casting Call” Directed by David Irons

“Black Crayon” Directed by Hanjin Park

“The Nose Collectors” Directed by Robert Mai

“Falling Apart” Directed by Christopher Valori


“An Eye Doesn’t Forget” Directed by Giuseppe Chiesa

“Eluscid” Directed by Wilson Bessinger

“Convergences” Directed by Robert Fuller

Music Video

“The Way We Are” Directed by John Kenney

“Let It All Burn Down” Directed by Ryan Moore

“Be” Directed by Niva Dorell

“Whitenights-Stop And Go” Directed by Daniel Bartels

“Now And Forever” Directed by David Goldstein and Jeff Keith

“From The Second Chair” Directed by Darol Michael Carr

“The Bedroom Philosopher-Northcote (So Hungover)” Directed by Craig Melville

“Are You Kiddin’ Me” Directed by Eric Ekman

Script (Drama)

“10 Minutes From Paradise” by Janyce Lapore

“Natalia” by Andrew Veluz Resurreccion

“Little Girl Blue” by Ariana Dubynin

“Undeliverable” by Chase Black

“Body Count 1968” by Martha Pinson

“When Eyes Go Dark” by Annie Elizabeth Ryan

“Harvest” by James Hsiao

“Bronx Boy” by Brian Silverman

“Valentine” by Joshua Yancey

“Dead Walking” by David Seader

“Greenhorn” by Franz Pagot

“Unemployment” by Matthew Sussex and Peter Lengo

“Ripples” by Mark Winzer

“Debbie’s Demon” by Christopher Osman

“Elephant Hearts” by Preston Goode

Script (Comedy)

“Momma’s Redemption” by J.D. Hughes

“Crashpad” by Matthew Falone and Christopher Talbot-Jones

“Claudia’s Mother” by Gordon Phipps

“Maggie The Brave” by Suzanne Kelman

“Tropical” by Shanti Rajini

“Philosofree” by Ali Adatia

“Wish You Were Here” by Collin Costello and Anne Maciver

“Trial and Erin” by Lawrence Shulruff

“Friends And Romans” by Gregg Greenberg

“Scratchers” by David Allingham

“The War Of The Grandmas” by Mary Huckstep

“Team Players” by Raef Eric Lawson

“The Plush Life” by Bill Scollon and Tyler Massey

“Raffle” by Ruthy Effler

“Sunny Living: The Hot Nurse” by Cindy Mackey

Script (Action/Adventure)

“Nuclear One” by Michael Toay and Travis Mann

“Nottingham Proper” by Jaden Dinsmore and Daniel Tierney

“Going The Distance” by Michelle Patkowski

“Graf” by Michael Rosales

“Godspeed” by Michael Toay and Travis Mann

“The Protectors” by Johnny Russell

Script (Animation)

“Too Fat To Fly South” by Anthony Amenta

“The Dance of The Living” by Caleb Camacho

Script (Horror)

“Strange Fruit” by Ruthy Effler

“Blood Redux” by Deron Miller and David Campfield

“A Carbon Copy” by Lisa Speroni and Drew Kaufman

“American Macabre” by Brett Creane and Jason Dugre

“I Am The Doorway” by Robin Kasparik

“Hell’s Gate” by Chris Barfoot

“Big Iron” by Ryan Cox

“Hoax” by Matt Allen and Scott Park

Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“Psychsexual” by Olayinka Oyesanya

“Dark Desert” by Paul Porter

“Amber Park- The Beginning” by Terri L. Bea Sopher

“A Man Of His Word” by Tim Sigur

“Cupids In Purgatory” by Mark Menendez

“The Codex” by Joseph Gueron

“The Pineville Heist” by Lee Chambers and Todd Gordon

“Shades Of Normandy” by Oliver W. Ottley III

“Exit 43” by Mac Crutcher

“Be Nice” by Adrienne Christopher

“The Tower” by Michaelangel Johnson

“The Last Weekend” by Pavel Sanaev

“The Good One” by Dawn Marie Guernsey

“In 3’s” by Oliver W. Ottley III

Script (Sci-Fi)

“Time Of Your Life” by Michael Ostrowski

“Implanted” by Bruce Golde

“The Secret of The Gods” by Alexander Haythen

“The Sky Below” by David Thome

“Team Twelve” by Joe Robertson and Justin Prince

“Lightning In The Bottle” by Drew Benson Hall and Lia Michelle Hotchkiss

“Broken Wills” by John Kieffer

“Russell and Friends Against Fringy and Space Pirates” by Marce Swing

“Wasp Coffee” by Denise Landau

“Dolphin Code” by Karen Moore

“Reclamation” by Romeal Watson

Script (Student)

“I Wanna Be White” by Chelsea Grayson

“Grizzly” by Chris Hewitt&